Односторонняя игровая клавиатура 7 цветов светодиодная подсветка Mini Usb проводная

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Продукт Особенности:

  • Keyboard:

  • One-handed keyboard backlight color has a different color order, the specific light color is subject to the real thing, thank you for your cooperation.

  • Light effect mode: LED color backlight, more cool at night.

  • The keyboard backlight function is controlled as follows: FN+ESC button for light switching off function.

  • The keyboard supports running on Win 2000, Win XP, Win ME, Vista, Win7, Win8, Androed, Linux, Apple and other operating systems.

  • FN combination function.

  • Support multimedia function keys, the operation is as follows:

  • (1)FN+F1 button: music player

  • (2)FN+F2 key: volume decrement

  • (3)FN+F3 button: increased decrement

  • (4)FN+F4 button: mute

  • (5)FN+F5 key: pause

  • Mouse:

  • Breathing light of 7 colors brings user cool game playing experience.

  • 7 buttons for more convenient operations, fire key for triple attack.

  • Woven nylon line of dual colors with anti static electromagnetic ring, durable and anti-interference.

  • 5 adjustable DPI for choice, more freely control.

  • Ergonomic surface, comfortable hand feeling, reduces fatigue.


  • Product Specification:

    Keyboard Type :One-handed gaming keyboard

    Keyboard Interface: USB 2.0

    Keyboard Press the Number of Keys: 35 keys

    Keyboard Key Life: 20 million times

    Keyboard Line Length :1.6m

    Keyboard Flash ROM :32 bytes

    Keyboard EEPROM :Built-in 2K bytes

    Keyboard Operating Voltage: VDD = 3.3V - 5.5V

    Keyboard Working Current :100mA

    Keyboard Ambient Temperature :- 40° C - + 85° C

    Keyboard Programming Temperature: 0° C - + 85° C

    Mouse Key Quantity :7

    Mouse Resolution :1000DPI, 1600DPI, 2400DPI, 3200 ,5500DPI(adjustable)

    Mouse Key Life: 10 million

    Mouse Voltage Rating / Electric Current: DC 5V / 100mA

    Mouse USB Version :2.0

    Mouse Buttons: Left, Right, Scroll Wheel, DPI, Fire Key, Advance, Retreat

    Mouse Light Effect :colorful

    Mouse Compatible: For Windows 7 / 8 / 10/2000 / XP / Vista, for Mac OS or latest.

    Mouse Color: Black+Red

    Mouse Material: ABS

    Mouse Cable Length :140cm

    Package Included:

    Package Includes:

    1 x Portable One-hand Mechanical Keyboard

    1* Gaming Mouse

    1 x User Manual